Plague Inc new game mode allows you to save the world from outbreak


Plague Inc new game mode will allow players to combat an outbreak rather than infect it.

We were repeatedly asked if we could make a game which let the player work to stop an outbreak. We are accelerating work on a new Plague Inc. game mode which lets players save the world from a deadly disease outbreak.
~Ndemic Creations

Ndemic has confirmed it would be donating a total of $250,000 USD to the Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and the WHO’s COVID-19 Solidary Response Fund.

Eight years ago, I never imagined the real world would come to resemble a game of Plague Inc. or that so many players would be using Plague Inc. to help them get through an actual pandemic. We are proud to be able to help support the vital work of the WHO and CEPI as they work towards finding a vaccine for COVID-19.
~James Vaughan, the game’s creator.

Head to Android strategy for more games similar to Plague Inc.

Plague Inc and/or Plague Inc: Evolved are available on PS4, Xbox One, Windows Phone, iOS and Android.
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Crazy how things change. Hard to tell if it's suppose to be to avoid being offensive or provide a ray of hope.
They turned Plague Inc into Cure Inc.
I actually kind of like that, if I'm being honest. :)
Haha Cure Inc. They should have the picture on the store have tge words plague inc crossed out and that written under it.
I guess they must be using this as some sort of simulation that may be useful for the near future. I am guessing such games are designed to test the response of the citizens.

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