Photographer Documents Neighbors’ Isolation from His Bedroom Window


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Dec 11, 2018
In a bid to stay creative (and sane) during lockdown, London-based photographer Christopher Fernandez posted a sign on his bedroom window inviting neighbors to let him document their self-isolation in candid portraits from afar. Much to his surprise, his neighbors came a’ calling.

The project started shortly after lockdown was announced in London. Fernandez usually shoots portraiture, but he’s always been interested in documentary work, so he decided to put a sign in his window that read, “Professional photographer looking to document your isolation from over here. DM me if interested.”

He didn’t actually expect to hear from anyone, but within an hour, he had one taker, then several others signed up as well. “I’d never met any of them before,” Fernandez tells PetaPixel. “They all got in touch from a note I put up in my window asking to document people’s isolation.”



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