Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte says he will bury people who break quarantine laws


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Dec 11, 2018
The president of the Philippines says people who violate coronavirus lockdown rules could be shot dead, saying "I will bury you".

Amnsesty International condemned the remarks as "deeply alarming" and said they follow reports of inhumane punishments for lawbreakers of the coronavirus lockdown, such as being detained in dog cages and sitting for hours in the sun.

In a televised address, President Rodrigo Duterte said everyone must follow home quarantine measures to ensure the country's poor health system is not overwhelmed.

"It is getting worse. So once again I'm telling you the seriousness of the problem and that you must listen," Duterte said.

"My orders to the police and military... if there is trouble and there's an occasion that they fight back and your lives are in danger, shoot them dead.

"Is that understood? Dead. Instead of causing trouble, I will bury you."

It's one way of stopping the spread, I suppose, but someone needs to get this man out of power, and soon. The reality we're definitely looking to avoid, mass murder.
That dude's an idiot. I wouldn't be shocked if revolts start popping up after the virus.

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