PC Tech Review: Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a disappointing port


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Dec 25, 2018
What could have been a tremendous PC port of a superb PlayStation 5 game is anything but. While the basics are there and we do have feature parity with the console game, the lack of options, lack of cutting-edge PC features, no ultrawide support, no DLSS and worst of all, off-putting stuttering performance makes this a genuine disappointment.

TL;DW notes

  • Framerate is tied to dynamic resolution scaling with no way to turn it off unless using mods.
  • Some texture options are very lack luster and don't add much to the visuals.
  • High end systems have frametime issues
  • DX12 seems to be the cause of major frametime issues.
  • Running the game in forced DX11 seems to fix most frametime issues, still not a perfect solution. Some frametime issues still exist, but the FPS is significantly improved.
  • 30FPS mode has frametime issues too, so putting that on won't help.
  • Running DX11 breaks the vsync but can be enabled at the driver level.

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