PC PC master race?


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Some people say PC is the best for gaming rather than consoles. What is your opinion on the subject?


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I've always felt like this was always more about personal preference than anything myself.

Every system has its own pros and cons.


I enjoy console gaming and PC gaming. Actually, I was a hold out on console for the longest time and only last year started PC gaming. My decision is now that I will probably only play exclusive games for PlayStation and then every other game will be on PC. I built my PC. It's got good hardware and tons of free space. My PS4, on the other hand, I'm running out of space.


I've always preferred console gaming, and don't foresee that changing..

I'm quite happy just using my laptop for browsing, and website work (coding, photoshop, localhost testing).


I'm of the opinion that it's all about playing with the game which you are more used to.

Some people prefer playing with PC for a particular reason while other choose playing with consoles for their own reasons too.

Personally, I prefer playing with consoles more than PC because it's what I'm used to since my childhood.


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I prefer PC gaming because of the obvious reasons like upgradeability, multi-purpose function of the PC, modification of game files, and ability to play games at a level of quality unobtainable on consoles. Also, the experience gained from building a computer yourself is what actually makes it more special and a cut above console gaming.


PC provides the best and ultimate gaming not because of the comfortable feeling behind it, but also because the PC games usually get a fix pretty fast when they're broken. For example I play RE 4 on my PS2, while the PC version has gotten an update on textures, and I can't. Consoles and etc are mostly "disconnected".


I am fond of using portable computer for games. I find it more convenient and accessible. I can use it for games or surfing. I love the performance of portable computer in terms of graphics and speed. I remember playing my favorite star craft game for 4 to 5 hours everyday with no problems at all. PC can sustain in much longer period of time.


PC is definitely one good competitor for the console and mobile platform. Considering most of the people don't want to spend much on the consoles these days. And considering the games are lot cheaper on the PC. I think there is going to be definitely some more increase in numbers on the PC in years to come for sure.