PC Gamers: Will you be buying an Xbox Series X or PS5?


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Dec 11, 2018
I've been mainly a PC gamer in the past but have been using the PS4 mostly. I like the simplicity of the console gaming and games are getting to the point where they look "good enough" next gen.

I'm heavily leaning towards picking up an PS5. Are you picking one of the consoles or are you going PC only for now?
I fully plan on buying a PS5, though I will wait and see if they come out with a PS5 pro, which I'm pretty sure they will.
I am not planning on spending on the XBOX. I personally prefer the PS 5. The reason being this box seems like a good investment in the long run.
As a collector, I'll likely end up purchasing both consoles, though I will not be buying either at launch or even shortly after. I tend to wait for deals and buy in once all of the problems that come with a launch console have been ironed out. I don't fanboy to one side or the other, since as a gamer in general I like to support all comers and hope they all succeed to drive innovation in the market.
I'll be the minority in this argument (along with PGen98) and say that I won't buy either at launch (and maybe for the first year). I intend to keep my PS4 and keep playing games on it until it eventually dies. Then I may consider getting an Xbox Series X (Xbox-x?) or a PS5.
I know few collectors who buy one product out of every franchise and keep it for sale later. I am sure many will double order PS 5 in near future too.
I'm not personally planning on picking up a next-gen console for a good while yet unless some lovely soul in my family decides it's an appropriate Christmas present or something haha. I've just recently bought myself a new XBOX so there's no point in shelling out more money in my eyes unless something super amazing happens that I just have to have it. I tend to wait anyway to let any teething issues with hardware/software fix itself.
I think PS 5 would break most of the XBOX records as far as sales are concerned. After wasting the money in the stadia. I am sure people will make right decision this time.

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