PC Gamer: Please don't remake Resident Evil 4, Capcom



If anything, I think remaking RE4 today would actually highlight its flaws. Throw a fancy new graphics engine on and the quick-time events will feel archaic, even if they're actually still pretty damn fun. Change Leon's movement and you have to rethink all of the environments and how the enemies behave, too, because those things were so, so finely tuned 15 years ago.

For any positive changes a remake introduced, it would feel like a missed opportunity if it didn't make every little aspect of RE4 as perfect as possible. Resident Evil 4 isn't perfect, of course—I'll admit the island can't match the peaks of the castle, which itself isn't quite as great as the opening hours in the village. But a remake likely would not dramatically reimagine the island with the same care the original designers poured into this game. Today I see RE4's little imperfections like the lines of a face I've become intimately familiar with over the years. Give it a nip and tuck, though, and it'll be hard to stop looking for more blemishes to eradicate.