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Chris Pineson

Jan 8, 2020

Now here is another part of Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas expansion that will release this week! This part is mainly about how the Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas expansion interact with Ascendancy Classes and Harvest League, and after reading this post, we are pretty sure that you will be looking forward to the upcoming League anxiously, and if you are interested in that, why do not keep reading now:

The Very First One That We'd Like To Talk About Is:

Ascendancy Classes In Path of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas:

Question: We have already learned that the company is going to have a huge Ascendancy rework (however, the basic aspect will not be changed, for example, Path of Exile buying function), what about the Scion?

Answer: Good thing is, the Scion in Ascendancy has already been included in the rework, and right now, we think she's in a good place.

Question: How does the Primal Aegis skill on Elementalist's Bastion of Elements passive work in this latest league?

Answer: That is quite similar to the existing Aegis skills. Once the Aegis is active, it absorbs incoming elemental damage from hits instead of you (which luckily remained). And if the Aegis doesn't take elemental damage from hits for a short time, then then the Aegis will be restored to full status.

It's also worth noticing that recharge for all Aegis skills right now can't be interrupted if they're thoroughly depleted. The recharge time is 5 seconds on Primal Aegis, never the same as other Aegises. The amount of damage Primal Aegis could absorb is just based on how many notable passives you have already allocated.

Question: How does Battlemage interact with Spellslinger in Echoes Of The Atlas?

Answer: Here comes the interaction, the damage from Battlemage and Spellslinger add together.

The Second One That We'd Like To Talk About Is:

Harvest In Path of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas:

Question: How will I locate the pairs of Harvests in the Grove?

Answer: Generally speaking, they appear on the minimap.

Question: When does Harvest league content start in PoE: Echoes Of The Atlas?

Answer: Well, in this league, Harvest content can only be found in maps.

Question: With the reconstruction to the Harvest system removing the gardening side of things, and that appears a new problem, how will the Oshabi questline and subsequent fight be accessed?

Answer: Sometimes, a portal to the Sacred Grove will usually contain the Oshabi fight. And her rewards, more than just PoE Currency have been rebalanced to reflect this change.

And just as you know, this is the question and answer summary of Path of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas, and it mainly discussed the Ascendancy Classes and Harvest league in this new league, and there are still two leagues left, and if you really want to check, you can just visit: Path of Exile: Heist And Miscellaneous In Echoes Of The Atlas.
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