Pastor sorry after service caused wave of coronavirus infections


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Dec 11, 2018
A pastor whose church service has been blamed for sparking a huge wave of Covid-19 infections in France apologised today as countries across Europe continued to struggle to slow the rising death toll from the disease.

Thiebault Geyer said he wanted to say “sorry to God for my selfishness” after officials confirmed that around 2,500 of his parishioners have contracted coronavirus.
At least 17 of those have died after a mass outbreak of the virus among the thousands who attended a week-long gathering at the pastor’s Christian Open Door church in the eastern city of Mulhouse in February.
Pastor Geyer admitted he had not taken its threat seriously enough. “I would like to apologise,” he said. “Sorry to have taken this crisis lightly. Sorry to have read all the articles which tried to alert us. I couldn’t listen. I’m sorry to God for my selfishness.”

He said he was now conducting services only online.
Government and health and safety officials -- Don't go out, don't gather in masses.

Several churches worldwide -- Nah, we're fine, come and congregate en masse, nothing will happen!

Several churches several days later -- Whoops, our congregation is sick and it's our fault.

...why must people be ignorant? I'd say it serves them right, but honestly I think these were frightened people grasping at straws during an uncertain time and the pastor took advantage of that. Shameful.

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