Parents sending their kids to 'Fortnite Rehab'

This is so weird, haha! Last time I remember people went to rehab because of FPS games like CoD... :D
If someone gets "addicted" to a game, then they already have issues. I hope people don't start blaming the games themselves. Stupid ass parents. And make sure your kids don't watch violent movies or listen to death metal cause everyone knows that causes violence. Sorry, might have strayed just a bit there. heheheh
I think the fortnite definitely has reached it's peak. And it can be pretty bad for the kids to make use of the game and make their condition even more go down. That's something I'd say it ma not be often worth it on as well. I can tell you that kids going for rehab may or may not be something be come into question first. they have to be treated.
My treatment would be to take the game away., lol
I think that can be a right approach. Turning down the internet and taking away the game. That can be pretty much a good option for many. I personally have learned from the parenting of many kids, it may be lot different on many counts. I won't be surprised there in future comes gaming rehabs.
I think today's kids are spoiled brats....
hahahahah actually they are also smart ... not i had my first phone when i was 15 now these days they turn 5 and they own the latest iPhone ... things are changing and i think its good for them
My kid doesn't get a phone at age 5. Maybe high school, but if I call, they better pick up! And I'll be watching the GPS. :)
Never really got into it and I'm surprised when I see my friends getting into it. I know my sister speaks about how some of our younger cousins (ages 6-12) are really obsessed with it, playing up until 3-4am. I think parents should simply take the systems away from them. Don't allow them to over indulge in video games like that.
That seems a bit insane someone would send their kids to rehab over a video game. Interesting to me that this actually happened. I can't stand fortnite, nonetheless watching it being streamed. I feel bad for the kids. That's a sad take on things.
Agreed. Over stimulation of any sort is never good. But sending kids to a "camp" is freaking overboard. What's the matter, can't parent your own freaking kids?? :(
I am not surprised the way rehabs are happening. I can tell you that kids are going out of hand in terms of addiction. We too have access to the games but we are not that addicted from all of this. So I think it's reasonable that such rehab centers are being open and people are being managed with this.
I'm not surprised, it has that right amount of cartoony graphics to draw in kids plus its free so anyone with a game system can get their hands on it.
My kid doesn't get a phone at age 5. Maybe high school, but if I call, they better pick up! And I'll be watching the GPS. :)
hahahah man that's harsh this generation is smarter than ours
This "fortnite addiction" is just a temporary phase like any other that will pass eventually...that rehab thing is a little extreme but i think it's just a form of marketing/advertising for the game to make people curious and wonder what's so adicting about it so they go check out or try :unsure:
I think the main reaosn is partners are to leanant they want their kids to be happy even if it ment kids following a craze, then if and when it gets to much they bury there heads in the sand and hand them to someone else to fix it with out looking at the steps they could of taken
I think today's kids are spoiled brats....
Yes they want things handed over to them. They run activism specific content on the social media. Want government and parents to take care of them. I think that seems to be what is wrong with the kids. And I think rehabs can try harder to fix that as well.

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