‘Parasite’ now available to stream on Hulu alongside other Bong Joon-Ho movies


Dec 11, 2018
Earlier this year (the before times), Bong Joon-ho‘s incredible satire Parasite surprised us all by winning four Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Director. It was a major victory for the excellent movie that followed a group of working-class grifters who ingratiate themselves to a rich family of callous morons. However, some may have bristled at a film with (gasp!) subtitles or watching a film that has no recognizable Western stars.

Thankfully, bar to entry has never been lower with Parasite as the Oscar-winning film arrives today on Hulu. The film is already relatable with its scathing critique of capitalism, but it’s also oddly relevant as most of the action has people trapped in a house in one way or another, so while Parasite may not offer pure escapism, it’s still a damn enjoyable movie that you won’t soon forget.