Overwatch hosts Lunar New Year 2020 event - now live


Overwatch hosts Lunar New Year 2020 event and is now live on Switch with chances to win new skins, sprays, emotes and player icons.

Capture the Flag returns alongside CTF Blitz a modified version of Capture the Flag where the flags are much closer than before and are located where overtime games typically go to. To win, six captures are needed as compared to the regular three.

Weekly challenges also make their return, allowing players unlock the following items:
  • Week 1: Monk Doomfist (Epic)
  • Week 2: Ancient Bronze Winston (Epic)
  • Week 3: Paper Cutting Wrecking Ball (Epic)
The following four new Legendary Skins will be available:
  • Opera Brigitte
  • Face-Changer Sombra
  • Mask Dancer Moira
  • Samul Nori Lucio
Further more, the event will be bringing a chance to win new skins, player icons, emotes and sprays.

Check out some of the above mentioned skins below.


Overwatch is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Windows PC.
I think a lot of new games are hosting the lunar event. For example most of the games from china origin seems to have the event. Like say mobile legends being one such.

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