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Outer Banks now available on Netflix



Visually, the series looks and feels a lot like Bloodline, although the Florida Keys have been traded for the Outer Banks, the wet, hot barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. But just like Bloodline, the wild and marshy environment seeps into the narrative, acting like a full-on pressure cooker for its characters. At the top of Outer Banks, a hurricane tears through the islands, intensifying an already extremely stratified class structure. Like The O.C. and even Veronica Mars, Outer Banks is sharp in its exploration of class and capitalism and how it impacts day-to-day life but also larger, more zoomed-out cycles for these teens. Outer Banks is particularly interested in the violence of it all.



It'd be interesting to see the narrative of the outer banks. I kind of found trailer interesting. I have finished the riverdales few seasons. And it's pretty good. But was not aware of the outer banks narrative. So have to check that to see how it goes as well.
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