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Operating system of choice?

Which operating system do you use the most?

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Which operating system does everyone use constantly? I assume many people will choose Windows, but I am wondering why you have stuck to the operating system you are used to using? If you could improve anything to your user experience what would it be?
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I'm on Windows, mainly because I can't be bothered switching. It really has gone downhill over the last few years with the windows 8/10 tag-team shit-combo, but I'm too busy with real life stuff to make time to switch over.
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My current desktop is a Windows machine that dual boots with Linux Mint, but I'm hoping to upgrade in the near future and will be running just Linux. I'm a distro-hopper on my laptop, so I haven't nailed down a single distro of choice, thinking Fedora Cinnamon or ElementaryOS, but we'll see. I also quite like PoP_OS!, been using it for a while on my laptop and it's just a very solid distro.
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I'm a simple man, Windows 10 is fine and I know it inside and out.

I have a Macbook Pro but I'm not enamored with MacOS. It's fine and straightforward, but sometimes it's so simple it feel unintuitive to someone like me who is so used to Windows. I suppose that will change as I use it more.


I've used a lot of them. My current laptop is Windows. But I also really enjoy MacOS. Only real Linux I've experienced was back in the day on the OG PS3, it was awesome!
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