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I would like to know your review and opinion toward online casino games like slots and so... I tried games on games on Funfreeslots , do you think players should play to earn money?


Nobody should play any casino games, poker or slots to earn mone because it is just gambling. For fun ok but for sure not to earn money with it. At the end always the bank win. Everybody should know it :)

Unfortunately to many people still exist who think they can really win long term money at any casino games. Ok at poker it is possible if you are really a good player and know the strategy and all this stuff because many players already proof it that it is possible to earn money with it and play poker for living.

But why people play this stupid slots and other casino games i really can not understand. It is just burning money. Ok to have a bit fun and if you do not care about the money then well why not.....
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