Old-school Beat 'em up games features


Jun 20, 2021
Hello, I want to discuss the topic of undeservedly forgotten old-school Beat 'em up games of the NES era. In those days there were no powerful computers and consoles, there were no large monitors with high resolution, but children around the world, including myself, spent a lot of time playing simple but fascinating games such as Battletoads, Double Dragon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
There was enough pixel graphics, the shortcomings of which were perfectly complemented by imagination. But, the main find was game mechanics. For example, in Battletoads, you could raise and throw the enemy, mount on enemy, kick it in the floor or push it into outer space with a kick run.
All these opportunities only fueled interest and forced the game to pass many times.
For several years I have been making my first game and trying to put the soul of that time in it. So I would like you to remember that time and tell me what you liked most in Beat'em up games. In my demo game "Arnold bounty hunter" (Steam), I created a similar combat system, but it seems that something is missing, I can't understand what. If you leave feedback, I will be very grateful.