Ohio man who called COVID-19 a 'Political Ploy' dies from coronavirus


Social media posts of an Ohio man who disparaged coronavirus lockdown measures are now circulating online after he died of COVID-19, the disease associated with coronavirus.

Screenshots of Facebook posts calling social distancing measures “bullshit” have surfaced online just days after John W. McDaniel, 60, died of coronavirus on April 15. One screenshot of a post dated March 13 included an accusation that the virus was a “political ploy.”

“If you’re paranoid about getting sick, just don’t go out,” another post allegedly said. “It shouldn’t keep those of us from Living Our Lives. The Madness has to stop.”

The posts have gone viral, even getting the attention of British broadcaster Piers Morgan.

“Let his death be a warning to everyone else who wants to be ‘living our lives’ & ignore lockdowns - it may END your life,” Morgan tweeted Tuesday.