Nvidia GeForce Laptops, Combining New Max-Q Tech with GeForce RTX SUPER GPUs, 2X More Efficiency Than Last-Gen


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Dec 11, 2018
For a competitive edge in multiplayer games, over 25 designs will offer 300Hz displays. These very high refresh laptops enable low latency, crisp visuals, and minimal ghosting, so you can perform at your very best. We recently published a study at SIGGRAPH Asia that showed how lower latency and higher frames result in faster and more accurate aiming in first-person shooters. Using this data, we calculated that subjects’ flick shot aim improved by up to 35% at 300FPS/Hz over a 60FPS/Hz baseline.

Historically, a laptop’s CPU and GPU have a fixed, predefined power budget, regardless of the type of content being run. Our Max-Q Dynamic Boost technology automatically enables real-time GPU and CPU power balancing, allowing the system to dynamically shift up to 15W of power from the CPU to the GPU during GPU-bound workloads, like gaming. It intelligently assesses the power demand of the system on a frame by frame basis, so the power shift only happens when it’s needed. The result is higher frame rates and smoother gaming overall for up to a 10% performance boost, all for free.




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