Norwegian balloon-popping artist falls onto sculpture made of 100 knives


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Dec 11, 2018

A Norwegian artist who gained viral internet fame for popping balloons using various contraptions rigged with sharp blades had an unfortunate mishap with a knife sculpture.
Jan Erichsen said he was making a "furniture aerobics video" last week and was "balancing on something sketchy" when he fell onto a frame full of knives.
"I'm an idiot who leaves life-threatening items standing around," Erichsen said in a tweet.
The artist has since received 25 stitches and had surgery on his left hand because he couldn't "really move my little finger."
Erichsen had severed his nerve and tendon. "But I'm so lucky this didn't end worse than this," he said.
The accident was ironic because he had recently stopped using knives in videos in an effort to avoid accidents during the pandemic, he said.
He told As It Happens host Carol Off that his hand is "healing nicely" and that it wasn't "hurting too bad." Here is part of their conversation.
What were you doing when you fell into a bunch of knives?
I was making a video for my Instagram. I was planning to walk over a small bridge I had made out of a ladder, a stool and a step ladder.
It's a series I call furniture aerobics [where] I try to use the furniture around us in unconventional ways.
That sounds dangerous enough. What was it that you fell into?
Yeah, that's slightly worse.
I had made a knife sculpture where I had taken one of my old photos and around 100 knives and ran through it. So [there were] 100 knives, standing on my windowsill, pointing in my direction when I was balancing on my homemade bridge.
So, yeah, I wasn't too smart.


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