No Man's Sky - Is it worth picking it up?

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
When it originally came out I honestly hadn't heard good things about No Man's Sky other than the 'infinite' worlds which sounded quite cool but other than that - not much piqued my interested. I've heard that it's got better over time and was wondering if anyone here thought that it might be worth picking it up and having a go. Something new to play anyway haha.

Would you recommend me giving it a shot?
The game is superb. But it has few issues. It's open world like endless. And you have to find your way out of it. And also there seems to be a lot of time consuming activities which has no relevance or no use at all. And players are forced to do those stuff. And I think that's where most of the gamers hated it.
It's a good game and very unique I do enjoy it sometimes but solo play can feel isolating at times as there is no fast travel so you could be flying for 5 minits
It may some time for you to find your way around though if lost. Considering it is open world game with lot of expansion. And it can be pretty tough on that part to find your way around.

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