No Man's Sky Exo Mech free update now available


No Man's Sky Exo Mech free update has added mechs along with a series of improvements.

As confirmed by Hello Games’ Sean Murray, here’s what players can expect:
  • Exo Mech
  • Improved Exocraft
  • Hide Wiring
  • GFX Enhancements
  • Base Building QoL
  • Summon Exos from Freighters
  • Detailed VR cockpit
  • Solar tech
  • Exocraft scanners
  • New Decals
  • And much more
Check out the Exo Mech trailer below. The Exo in the video is called the Minotaur and has advanced jump capabilities thanks to a powerful jetback on its back. It also allows for a VR cockpit if you’ve got a compatible device and version.

No Man's Sky is available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.


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