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Nintendo trademarks Mario Sports in Europe, Australia


Nintendo has filed for Mario Sports trademark in both Europe and Australia, it was recently discovered.

A Twitter user discovered both trademark filings, who speculated that “it could be another of the Mario games arriving this year to celebrate the 35th anniversary.”

Both the European trademark filing and the Australian trademark filing were made on May 14 and cover “electronic game programs; downloadable electronic game programs; video game programs; downloadable video game programs; video game cartridges” and more.

According to rumours, a series of old Mario games will be revived on Switch as a way to celebrate the franchise, including Super Mario Galaxy and more.

Mario Sports Superstars was the last Mario Sports title on the 3DS back in 2017.


I think the traemarking is being done because a lot of brands from local places tend to copy it and then getting the trademark back becomes harder. I know many japanese brands spend like millions to get trademark around the world to avoid poaching of their brands.
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