New Star Citizen Video Is All About Space Cows and Space Whales


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Dec 12, 2018
Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released a new video about the upcoming space simulator.

This time around, the video is all about the fauna that we’ll one day encounter in the game’s universe. This includes animals ranging from space cows (actually named Quasi Grazers but we all know everyone is going to call them space cows forever) originating from Terra to absolutely massive space whales that will actually float around Crusader.

At the end of the video we also get a tease of “more dangerous” animals that are in the concept phase.

You can watch the video below.

Star Citizen news is a crowdfunded game anbd the crowdfunding total recently passed $278 million.

To be more precise, it’s sitting on $278,431,433 at the moment of this writing. The number of registered accounts has also been updated ato 2,575,949.

As usual, it’s known that not all of them are paying players. The number includes free accounts created for a variety of reasons.

If you want to learn more about Star Citizen, you can read our latest interview focusing on the Cutlass Red and medical gameplay.

For the sake of full disclosure, the author of this article has been a Star Citizen backer since the original Kickstarter campaign several years ago, so you should keep that in mind while reading this article.


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