New MAGA movement debate: Is Donald Trump doing too much to put an end to Coronavirus?


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Dec 11, 2018
The fear is that the media and mass hysteria has cowed Trump into fully tanking the economy in response to what they believe is a dangerous, but not apocalyptic, disease. Despite warnings from Trump’s own health officials that millions could die unless drastic action is taken, some of the president’s supporters worry that the dangers of overreacting could also be severe.

Reaboi worried that the people able to drive the conversation about the shutdown--”information economy folks [who] are used to telecommuting and taking two weeks of vacation”--were disconnected from the very real struggles of people who need to physically be at their work.
Fiscal conservative circles are starting to have their own discussion about how long the Trump administration should leave the economy fallow. The Wall Street Journal editorial board on Thursday called the extreme social-distancing policies “necessary,” but warned that they were not “sustainable.”

“Life does not mean ‘you get to live forever,’” [Candace Owens] said during a March 16th Periscope stream, calling the “mass hysteria” surrounding coronavirus a media-driven “social experiment” that showed how much personal liberty people — particularly ostensible small-government conservatives — would shed during a crisis.
“We’re Americans, right? We don't live in a communist country, nor do we have to stay indoors,” said Katie Williams, a Las Vegas woman running for Carson County school board, citing Owens as an influence

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