New Godfall Details: Five Different Elemental Realms, Dark Souls Influence, Ex-Destiny Devs Involved


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Dec 11, 2018
new godfall details

The May 2020 issue of Official PlayStation Magazine has unleashed new information about Counterplay Games’ and Gearbox’s looter-slasher, Godfall. Official PlayStation Magazine’s latest issue provides a rundown on the PS5 title’s setting–which includes five realms–its Dark Souls influence, and what players can expect in terms of progression.

Respawn First relays that Official PlayStation Magazine teases Godfall’s division into five elemental realms: Earth, Air, Water, Spirit, and Fire. The preview also addresses influences beyond Monster Hunter, which Creative Director Keith Lee spoke of in a recent interview. For example, developers drew inspiration from Dark Souls. This should prove evident in duels, as well as Godfall’s use of countering and heavy strike attacks. Furthermore, the team borrowed visual style cues from fantasy novel series The Stormlight Archive and First Law, in addition to Asimov’s The Foundation.

Other gameplay details concern confirmation of rewards for aggressive play. To deal maximum damage, for instance, each attack will have to rely upon perfect timing. In terms of the loot part of this looter-slasher, Destiny fans may find it intriguing that some former Destiny 2 team members are involved with Godfall, suggesting that a rich co-op experience is in the works.

Class will depend on Valorplates, the name for armor in Godfall. Players are sure to find new armor as they progress. It won’t all bear similarities to the bulky armor seen in the teaser trailer, either. That armor specifically comes from “one of the last remaining Knight’s Order.”

Finally, the preview reaffirmed a focus on the PlayStation 5. For now, there are no plans for a PS4 version. Rather, Godfall has been “genuinely tailored to run only on Sony’s new console.” The development team is taking advantage of next-gen features such as ray-tracing as a result. At launch, the title will also be available on PC via the Epic Games Store. Timed-exclusivity means it could eventually roll out across other platforms, too.

Godfall launches later this year.


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