NeoGAF is biased!

Umm, what? I'm not sure it's bias so much as you actually noting (in your own posts on that SH Community forum) that it is a 'little bit like self-promoting' which in itself is probably cause to ban you if that is indeed a rule of NEOGAF (I don't know as I don't post there). It seems like you also called the mods 'nazis' which in todays terms probably isn't a thing to call people. So again, I'm sure they'd welcome your opinion - even if they don't seem to share the same view - but you've openly called the site rubbish, blanked-insulted the mods by effectively saying they are anti-semetic and pro-Holocaust and promoted your own YT channel (which I'm assuming is against the rules).

No point going on about it man, seems like it's your own doing at this point. But hey, that's life. You're here now so. :)
Some sites can be biased but I don't think that's the case here. And I'm not seeing in any way how they have been biased towards you. It's clear that self-promotion isn't allowed on there so you've broken the rules and calling the Nazis isn't going to help your case.
OK. I made a few survival horror threads. If you're into those type of games, feel free to reply, but otherwise, I doubt people here are big fans.
Honestly most major gaming websites are biased, especially IGN. I never read reviews from these sites, because 9 times out of 10 I don't agree with their opinions. :p
Always take what you read on sites with a grain of salt, usually I try to find the same content on other sites and see what the common information is.

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