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Need help with FS 2020


I play games only occasionally but I am really interested in the new Flight Simulator.
I have a few question I hope somebody here will be able to help me with.
1 - Is it necessary to buy one of the three versions or could I just get some sort of subscription to Steam or Xbox channel (I am not familiar with either one)?
2 - I don’t want to buy a new $1.500 PC as I would only use it for FS 2020. Could I buy a used Xbox One X, connect it to my TV and „fly“?
3 - Or would that also require a membership with the Xbox Channel?

Thank you very much for your help.


You need a Live account in order to purchase the game from MS, but you don't necessarily need a paid subscription for it. You can purchase it here: Buy Microsoft Flight Simulator: Standard - Preorder - Microsoft Store

As for needing a new PC, it does require a decent graphics card to play the game, so you would either need to already have a decent PC, purchase a new graphics card for said PC, or wait for the Xbox version to release sometime later in 2020. With the Xbox version, yes, you would indeed be able to just plug and play.
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