Need For Speed Most Wanted REDUX 2020 | Ultimate Cars & Graphics Mod


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Dec 11, 2018
I am back and Redux is finally back!!
You know it, that's my most requested video and it HAS to be epic! During the past months I looked for the best car mods and scripts available, I've mixed them up creating what is, FOR ME, the Ultimate Most Wanted experience. Redux has born as a container for the best community creations and I hope videos like this can help raising awareness of NFS modding community!
Thanks for the waiting, after that hacking story all my works were delayed by months, this video included!
Now it's here, I hope you will enjoy it, in case make me know leaving a like and a comment ;)
Stay tuned for more, Redux is always evolving!

Looks incredible, I love when communities support games years after the developers have moved on. Like GTA V's numerous mods available, NHL 2004 REBUILT and so on. Communities dedicated to moving the games forward and growing them beyond their original concepts. It's fantastic and I fully support these sorts of mods!

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