NBA 2K21 next-gen swaps 'The Neighbourhood' for 'The City'


NBA 2K21 on next-gen consoles PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S will swap The Neighbourhood for The City, a hub “many, many times larger” than what's seen in the past.

Erick Boenisch at 2K said:
Imagine a map that is many, many times larger than previous Neighborhoods. A design that resembles a modern metropolis, complete with towering skyscrapers, sprawling plazas, and a city center. Oh, and it houses four distinct boroughs that are controlled by four rival Affiliations. And with that, I’m incredibly proud to announce that Affiliations are BACK! I’ll go into more details on Affiliations a little further below. For now, let’s keep painting the picture of what The City truly is.

The City is our most ambitious execution of a virtual basketball community…ever.

For full information about The City, click the link above. In addition to The City, the next-gen version of 2K’s basketball game will also add the WNBA to MyCareer.

NBA 2K21 is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia and Windows PC. It heads to Xbox Series X and Series S on 10 November, followed by PS5 on 12 November.
I wonder why they really swapped it out? And for something so big and unnecessary.
I’ve heard a lot of bad things about 2K21, seems to be just a money grab now. There isn’t much competition in terms of basketball games.
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