NBA 2K21 Cover Prediction - Who will star the front of the next game?

Mar 11, 2019
Hey guys,

If you know anything about the NBA 2K series, you know that they pick a star and put that person on the cover each year. For example, the most recent release (NBA 2K20) has Anthony Davis on the cover. Anthony Davis had just been traded to the Lakers, so he was on everyone's mind at the time. It's almost always just one person on the cover, other than the one random year where they had three different stars on the cover.

Going by the successful players this season, it seems like it would make sense for Giannis to be on the cover, but he was literally on the cover for 2K19, so I doubt that he will be chosen again. Personally, I'm thinking that it's probably going to be a new upcoming star, like Luka Doncic or Zion Williamson.

Who do you guys think it'll be?