My Australian stalker...

Sneaky Pete

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Jun 15, 2019
I reported him, and here is a copy, with the officer's name omitted...

RE: Online Troll


Good afternoon Peter, Generally the moderators of the internet forums can remove these people. Has this person been pestering you? or other people?...


Peter A
22 hours ago
Hello, Mr. Private.

Yes. James Berich (who also uses "Mitchell" on some of his social media profiles, but usually displays Berich) has been harassing me non stop for over 5 years, targeting me and a friend, pretty much every week. He got my friend's address and sent people there, but that's not easy to verify due to the often anonymous nature of his harassment.

I just know he was living in Perth or West Leederville before, and his date of birth is 4 February, 1986. However, he has been clumsy on a few occasions and submitted identifying information.

I first came across this James Berich individual in 2004, because he used to have a website called Capcom Central, with Capcom being a video games development company. Due to being a fan of a franchise they produce and which is known as "Resident Evil" worldwide, I had been posting on a lot of the same online forums as this man in prior years, and received abuse from the members associated with him. But I reckon I hadn't seen James Berich online at all until in mid-2017. He blanked his details on his domain registration in an attempt to camouflage that he owned Capcom Central, but you can still see many old posts online where he stated that he once ran Capcom Central.

James Berich suddenly showed up on a site called Biohaze in the summer of 2017, and began spamming with aliases such as "Gimpy" and others. He posted a picture of himself and of a dog, which he named as Cody. But I really had no idea who he was. He then began finding me on other forums and online encyclopedias, where he started posting countless threatening or generally annoying posts, hoping to be responded to, and editing random pages I was also editing, on a site called Fandom. He got copied into my editing habits, so if I contributed to any of the pages again, he knew about this from receiving email notifications. Then he came back to be a nuisance immediately thereafter. Every week, he does this over and over again.

At one point, he was showing me images of his own scat on a printed picture of myself in a toilet, explicit pornographic, coprophilia and rape related images, and saying he would rape my sister's children, who are minors. He mainly does this trolling on forums with no moderating team available, such as and recently, as well. But he has did this on countless other forums regardless, so it makes no difference which ones I go namedropping.

He got that bothersome, in fact, that I filed a warning about him on a site named Ripoff Report, and he followed me there too, using an alias I had used before to submit a few sarcastic replies about himself.

James Berich happens to know I have a filmography included on The Internet Movie Database, so he often attempts to deface the page, and other entries on similar acting related websites by changing credits or adding fake posters, so I have to correct his vandalism and inform those in charge. These sites are not heavily protected, to be honest. While I cannot quite prove he was doing this, I'm sure he was even contacting producers from films I worked on a long time ago, referencing my past problems with people I had as care personnel. Yet they're complete strangers to this person.

For example, he is now mass posting abuse on here.

James Berich, from Perth, Australia.

In his profile picture, he is using my mother's image and is posting derogatory things about her recent admittance to hospital for kidney failure. He also posts my full name as often as he can, which has led to other annoying individuals discovering my real name as well.

When he was bothering me on Wikipedia in 2017, I happened to see an IP address he was using with Spark, an ISP in New Zealand. But I don't know anybody from there. After doing a Google search of the guy I remembered (basically, my stalker), I was curious, and found his Twitter profile with a picture of the same dog and this Australian man with it. He got sarcastic and said "Sherlock" to me once, but this did not deter him from returning, and the post vanished. He has since replaced the picture, but I took a screenshot of the profile as it was. This was how I identified him as James Berich, having usually encountered him before as James Mitchell when he used "Nemesis556" as his alias.

If he is not in New Zealand currently, can you find out if he was there during September of 2017 or during May of 2021? I have attached proof that he used a 222. IP address with the New Zealand based Spark in May of last year.

He currently uses a YouTube channel to harass me too. He includes clips of me in his videos, and has the channel displaying my online pseudonym now, when it had "Alfred Gimpy" shown previously. But when I have to constantly report the videos to Google, they only remove these sometimes. He also came on previous live streams on my PS4 with hidden profiles, to post insults, and my personal information on a comments feed, which cannot be taken off as it's actually part of the broadcast.

In some videos, he wears gloves to hide his hands, acts creepy, and covers his face, but I already know what he looks like. This is highly unpleasant and causing me no end of emotional distress. He also uses a profile on to monitor me. While I set my profile to private, he uses the search feature to look for my posts. That's definitely him too, as he is using a picture of my friend's face, only edited a little.

I believe he has posted his actual location in some of the videos. It's either stairs in his house, or stairs in a tower block. But he has did this four times now, across four videos.

For example, in one of these videos here on YouTube, he has his stairwell featured.

I will include screenshots, as attachments, so you can see what he looks like, and what he has been doing on a weekly basis since at least July of 2017. This includes mass spamming and saying sexually offensive remarks, threats to stalk me again, says I suck at acting, and more. The same type of trolling comments appear endlessly. Whenever he is blocked, he signs up again.

He definitely plays video games, which he cannot deny. He blogs for a site known as Press Start to Play.

James Berich is related to a Vicki Mitchell and a Greg Berich, all of whom are in Australia. But I don't know his address. I just know his date of birth is 4 February, 1986.

James berich press start to play - Google Search

But yeah. I have been subjected to his campaign of abuse every week for nearly 5 years. Can you please contact the individual responsible, and ask him to leave me alone?

Regards, from Peter Anderson.

Images have been attached. His face, stairwell at his address, posts, etc, can be viewed.

to me
5 hours ago
Morning Peter,

A few things,

  • Report him to the websites, forums etc. they should be able to do something, assist you in this regard.

  • Block him if you can.

  • Create a timeline and hard copy of all trolling involving this person and different user names/sites he used at the time.

  • Attend a doctor and obtain evidence as to the effects its having on you.

It may be difficult for us to get information from National or Foreign websites.

We would not be able to prosecute for offences if he was in a foreign place at the time.

It appears there is a person by that name residing in WA.

My advice would be to get everything together you have on him and look into obtaining a Restraining Order against him, so if he contacts you by whatever means he can be charged by Police.

Hope this helps.

I believe online trolling offences have been drafted and will eventually become law.

Let me know how you go.

Kind regards

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