My 3 Years Experience With WoW Classic


May 6, 2021
I started to play WoW classic just out of curiosity. I've never played on Vanilla. I did play in Cataclysm and stayed for about 3 years that time. In all honesty that's the "classic" I'd like to get back to... maybe it'll get there eventually.

I rolled a Warlock in Bloodsail Buccaneers, the one and only PvE RP server in NA. I've always felt that RP communities are the best of what MMOs offer even though I'm at best a "light" RPer. If I was going to do this at all, a good community is a must for me.

Line-up for quest bosses:

This was both good and bad. I was in a 20 minute line-up to kill the head bandit of the human starter area. People actually stood in line and didn't try to be asshats cutting in. Groups of 5 were formed on the spot to make the line go faster. Needing to wait was a PITA but the community behavior was outstanding.

Artificially super sized world:

Not that WOW was ever small in surface area but the very few rapid transit hubs, teleports and no mount till 40 really adds to the feeling of size... like a lot. The 1 hr CD on the hearthstone also adds to this (it's 30 minutes now on retail.) It's both a good and a bad thing. This along with everything else just creates a very chill and relaxed environment and I like that... when I'm not in a hurry to get to my trainer or do any other trivial housekeeping thing.

My Guild is full of strangers

Thanks to Princess and her entourage, I grouped with a few people, carried on getting some bandit bandannas, chatted a bit and one of them invited me to their guild.

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