Multiple 'The Last of Us' games may be coming very soon!

Broken Shotgun

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Jun 15, 2019
The Last of Us Part 2 was just released in 2020. Considering that seven years separated the release of the sequel and its predecessor, The Last of Us, fans of the series are used to waiting a while between releases. And if The Last of Us 3 is ever made, it probably won't be for a number of years. Maybe it will arrive at the end of the PS5 generation at the earliest. That said, in the meantime, it sounds like fans are getting what they didn't get the last gap, which is other things. With The Last of Us getting the TV series treatment from HBO, perhaps it's no surprise to hear that Sony is prepared to double down on the series in a way it hasn't in the past.

Oh, yes, Naughty Dog.

Gimme little sign. :D


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