Much Loved 3rd Person Shooter, Spec Ops: The line, Pulled From Sale. Most Likely Permanently.


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Nov 27, 2019

One of the finest games of its type, Spec Ops: The Line, as of now cannot be bought from any digital store due the the licence for some of the game's 3rd party music expiring. At first it was just Steam, but GOG, EGS, Playstation and Xbox stores quickly followed suit. Full story from Eurogamer.

Upon learning this, I immediately started downloading the game from Steam in fear of if being removed completely, even though deep down I knew it would be OK if the game in in one's library. I just wanted to be sure. So if you already own the game from one of these stores, you can still download and play it, it just can't be bought anymore.

This really is a shame. Because of a couple of old, licensed music tracks, people can no longer buy one of the very best games of it's type that has ever been released. If for thier own reason people don't own it or can't play it on the old PS3 or Xbox 360 hardware, what option do people have now other than to pirate it? It's technically abandonware from this point unless 2K fix this problem and remove or replace the music with the expired licence so they can re-list it. The problem is they clearly won't. 2K obviously knew this was coming, likely for years, and did nothing about it. So as far as I'm concerned, 2K have no right to complain about the game being shared for free by others unless they sort it out.
I'm posting again to bump this thread because I refuse to be dropped off the frontpage by a scumbag "journalist" who peddles gambling to the underaged.
oh damn i didn't know that, that game is pretty sick. Good thing i can still buy it on a retail store hehe

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