MSI 2020 cancelled due to coronavirus


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Dec 12, 2018
According to League of Legends journalist Travis Gafford, there will be no Mid-Season invitational this year. If true, this would leave the World Championship as the only international event on the LoL calendar, provided it stays intact and doesn’t get cancelled too.

In early March, Riot announced that MSI 2020 will be postponed to July due to the growing COVID-19 outbreak, while cancelling all Rift Rivals event. Between then and now, however, the coronavirus situation has only gotten worse worldwide, leaving Riot Games with no good move.

When the initial announcement came, Europe, China, and South Korea were already heavily infected, but the United States — which had just over 200 reported cases — remained as a possible venue for MSI 2020, even though Riot did not reveal plans for where the event will be hosted. As of April 20, however, United States leads the official World Health Organization charts with over 723,000 total confirmed cases and over 34,200 deaths. In Europe, countries that have hosted Riot events in the past have also been heavily damaged by the pandemic. Spain has almost 200,000 confirmed cases, and over 20,000 deaths. Germany is up to 141,000 cases; France— 111,000 cases; Sweden — 14,000 cases; Denmark — 7,3000 cases.

In Asia, South Korea has managed to slow down the pandemic, but there are still over 10,000 reported cases.

On top of that, the logistics of a tournament, including flying dozens of people from all over the world will be impossible, unless the global situation drastically changes in the next two months, which seems unlikely. This would mean MSI 2020 would have to be played online, which poses challenges of its own, associated with inevitable bad ping and lag spikes.

Riot are still to come out with official confirmation of the rumor. If confirmed, this would mean that for the first time in six years, there will be no MSI and that the Spring Split means even less, with no international trophy to spar for.

Well it should be of no surprise considering people around the world are closing the stores due to the virus. And it seems like corona will be shutting down a lot of things this year.

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