Most Xbox One games run at 60FPS in 4K on Xbox Series X


Most Xbox One games without set, locked framerates will run at 60 frames-per-second (FPS) in 4K on Xbox Series X via backwards compatibility, a new report suggests.

Tech outlet, Digital Foundry, tested a number of Xbox One games using backwards compatibility and found the likes of Hitman, Dead or Alive 6 and Monster Hunter World hit between 30-40FPS on Xbox One X, but remain fairly consistent at 60FPS on Xbox Series X. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice could hit 60FPS, but tended to drop into the low 50s when demanding scenes were taking place.

While Digital Foundry’s test is primarily focused on backwards compatibility, its not tested any Xbox Series X optimisations beyond that. Microsoft also previously boasted that the Series X could double framerates of Xbox One titles, and Digital Foundry’s initial tests did back that.

The Xbox Series X heads to retail stores on 10 November alongside the Xbox Series S.



Mar 23, 2019
It's exciting to know that the majority of them do. I heard rumors of 120 FPS and 8K but I highly doubt that will ever happen at least for a good while as I don't see how it's possible.