More cheaters in free games?


Do you think that if a game is free to play it would have more cheaters which will ruin the game experience for other players?

Well, I think yes. I'm an active CS:GO player and before Valve decided to make it free for everyone there were smaller amount of cheaters but still a lot. And after that update, I meet at least 1 cheater every 3 or 4 competitive matches which I play. And I'm with a high trust factor in the game and a high competitive rank, I don't want to imagine what is happening in the lower ranks, lol.

They don't lose anything if they get banned. The game is free, they can just make a new account in 5 minutes.


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To a degree I'd agree but I suppose it depends on the game as to whether it gets cheaters or not really. Like in Runescape there was a potential wayback-when to secure large amounts of real life money from 'cheating' in game and so that drove a massive botting empire - and even made me a few quid in the process - but I think cheaters are just part and parcel really. I don't see the joy in cheating in games like CSGO, APEX or PUBG for example unless you like watching a screen auto-headshot people or whatever though.

There does need to be more deterrents against those who do engage in cheating but I suppose it's nearly just as easy to get around those measures as well nowadays. HWID bans seem to be the most efficient manner of stopping them dead.


I think cheaters appear in the paid and free games the same way. It's just that cheaters make bots on free games lot easily. And in such case it's better to limit them on some platforms and tournaments. That's what most of the League of Legends server owners do.