Moore's Law Is Dead: PlayStation 5 Analysis: Built to Develop New Worlds



This video involves exhaustive research into how the PS5 will perform, how it was designed, and how much it will cost. There is also some interesting leaks about RDNA 2.0…
1) 0:07 XBOX Recap
2) 1:04 PlayStations botched Announcement
3) 5:41 PS5’s SSD is not comparable to the XSX SSD
4) 7:08 What Developers think about the console
5) 10:16 Explaining how this could be possible
6) 15:59 Why Microsoft went with a bigger die for this performance
7) 18:00 How much will the PS5 cost?
8) 19:32 Where is that PS5 Pro?
9) 21:00 The real winner is AMD
10) 21:56 RDNA 2.0 in November, and it will be in the next Surface