Do you play any MMORPG's? I used to play World of Warcraft years ago when I was pregnant with my first kid, but I stopped because it was so addictive. Later on I got into Phantasy Star Online because my boyfriend ran a private server for it for a few years that I tried my best to help with and it was a game we could sit and play together when we weren't feeling like playing a game like Call of Duty. :) I don't really play any MMORPGs anymore because of lack of time and the fear of becoming addicted to one of them again. Do you play any MMORPGs? Which ones do you like? do you consider yourself addicted to them?


I generally don't play them a whole lot and when I do its usually with friends. That being said, there are games I devote some amount of time to like Elder Scrolls: Online or Final Fantasy XIV whenever I have time for them. While I have heard these rumors about "getting addicted" to a MMO (or any game for that matter) then I can't really say its a concept I am familiar with on a personal level so that has never been an issue for me.


I think lot of korean and japanese MMORPGs are out there. For example I play this one named kings raid and also elchronicle. Which are good RPGS and they seem to be changing each year with different type of campaigns and seasons. This is a good thing but I wish they can make it for the english users too.