Mixer gives all partnered streamers $100 to help through these tough times


Mixer is giving all of its thousands of partnered streamers $100 each to help through these tough times

honestly that's pretty nice good work Microsoft/Mixer


During these hard times, people are doing everything they can to stay safe, provide for their families and still move forward. Mixer understands this and was nice enough to provide a stim pack for partners! Thank you so much for the $100!

Mixer are giving us partners an extra $100 to make sure we are all looked after and my heart is so whole right now! Thank you @WatchMixer

Big Heartfelt thank you going to @WatchMixer!

They understand the struggles going on recently, and have given out a Stim pack to the active Mixer partners to help during these hard times. $100 is going to help out a lot of people. Thank you so much for all you do! #Mixer



Not bad, I'm sure most of the Mixer community really appreciates that. I doubt that's something Twitch would ever do. Good to hear they are helping out the community.