Video Game Minecraft


There's a commonplace in real life, you'll only get out of it what you're willing to put into it, and that's completely true with this creative adventure. You're literally dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing more than your wits. Starting off, you'll pick up some wood from a tree, which you'll use to make a batch of sticks. Then you'll attach some more wood to those sticks and make a pickaxe. Using that pickaxe, you can mine some stone to help build a house. And so goes the cycle of the game.
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I love Minecraft. Honestly, I was never really a fan of creative mode. I always preferred survival mode. At first I have been only playing single player, and I enjoyed it. But when I started playing multiplayer, I became crazy about it. I love Factions. Now, there is even a Minecraft PE. So, from time to time, I play minecraft on my phone too. It is a really great game!


I did host a Minecraft server with friends once, it was awesome. I bought an identical game on my phone called SurvivalCraft. The whole point is that it's more realistic. For example instead of zombies there are other real existing beasts.


I never could get into Minecraft. When I was younger, my friends used to play it on the Xbox 360 so I decided to get it one day. Played it for one day and that was it, never touched it again. I mean, it was a great game but just not something for me. Whilst I would consider myself a creative person, I could not sit for hours and build something in a game, plus for some reason, the music annoyed me lol
It's amazing to note how such a simple game managed to turn into a phenomenon, but... I've particularly tried playing it several times and honestly, I find it extremely boring.

This is the kind of game I would not recommend to anyone.
Minecraft was once a craze, just like Fortnite is now. Minecraft is boring at times, for example, the repetitive music and creative building for hours on end can result in frustration. I've never really been much of a Fan of creative mode myself, I prefer Multiplayer Survival due to the ability to interact with real people!!


I really never got into the game myself, but it does look like a really interesting game you can get lost into.


I think in past minecraft craze was like PUBG and Fortnite. But now a days the minecraft is pretty much used by kids and those who are into the creativity. Apart from that I don't see much use of the minecraft at all. In fact who knows in near future you can play similar games and LEGO may even consider teaming up with them too.