Microtransactions vs. skills

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
Here's a question I wonder nowadays - with the rise of micro-transactions all over the place what's more important to you, playing the game and getting the same items through sheer power of will or skill or just handing your wallet over to the games company and paying for whatever you need? For me, it's a mixture of both. On Runescape for example, I bought and sold bonds in order to quickly increase my in-game cash. This allowed me an easier and quicker route to actually grinding out what I wanted to earn through skilling. It thankfully just meant I didn't have to waste hours earning money.

What's your view?
I think for some games I don't mind the micro-transactions. Some heroes and the weapons can be purchased with the same. But overall I find it a bit difficult with the skill alone. And grinding in some games takes years.

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