Microsoft's XBOX Game Studios to showcase a massive 14 games at E3


XBOX boss Phil Spencer has confirmed that Microsoft E3 2019 press conference will have a lot of first-party games to show off at the upcoming conference, fourteen new games in-fact. The XBOX head honcho confirmed the news in a tweet from his official account.

From this statement, it's truly safe to assume that Microsoft are looking to hit E3 in the face this year and take center-stage. Despite the news from Phil, we don't really know much at the moment about the content of these games. However, Microsoft have been busy last year acquiring no less than twelve game studios, with some of them known for their involvement in the Halo franchise, Gears of War, Forza and Fallout. A formidable list of acquisitions.

Moving away from the games, Microsoft are also expected to talk a little bit more about the next-generation XBOX console, XBOX Scarlett. The new console is rumored to launch sometime in 2021. In addition, the company will also be talking about Project xCloud and the XBOX Game Pass service for PC at the event.

Whatever Microsoft come out with, we can't to see what XBOX Game Studios will present at the conference! The wait is almost over.