News Microsoft Store adds 75 EA titles under codename Rosebud


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Jun 20, 2020

In a scoop by Aggiornamenti Lumia, details of EA Play potentially joining Xbox Game Pass PC have surfaced through mysterious codename Rosebud.

Unlike its console counterpart, Xbox Game Pass for PC is yet to receive the bounty of games included in EA Play reportedly due to a lack of proper PC distribution.
With EA Play being run through Origin, problems arise since reportedly Origin doesn’t support connecting with a Microsoft account to make the necessary checks that you own Game Pass Ultimate.

Instead, EA games had to be uploaded to the Microsoft Store to allow for the necessary verification of Game Pass Ultimate users, who have access to this extra haul of games.
Since it was just the Xbox versions being uploaded, this left PC players in the dark without access. That all looks to be changing, however.

In the past five months, Microsoft and Electronic Arts have taken steps to upload PC compatible versions of their games to the Microsoft Store. All marked under the codename Rosebud.


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