Meta Warriors - P2E zombie killing metaverse game


Jun 14, 2022
Zombie’s Land - the horrific land flooded with gruesome and bloodthirsty zombies - who, when given the chance, would love nothing more than to bust your brains. Over the course of the last two years, these zombies have evolved into horrific monsters, each with their own unique ability, making Zombie’s Land the most dangerous place on Earth to be.

Following are the two gameplay modes set in the Zombie’s Land:
  • Story Mode - In the Story Mode mode, players can dive right into Zombie’s Land by selecting their - where they can slash zombies, blow their heads and enjoy the most engaging storyline in the history of gaming. As they progress, they will be rewarded with NFTs and tokens.
  • Play Quest - In the Play Quest mode, players can find themselves in Zombie’s Land competing against each other and participating in quests or special events to earn rewards in the form of NFTs and tokens.

Check the game out here: Meta Warriors: First-ever P2E zombie killing metaverse game
  • Hello guys currently i am exploring an Free to earn game " Meta Warriors " . I played the prototype and enjoyed a lot but i did not know that how to use Meta Warrior Token
  • Play the Prototype
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  • Jack, an ex-military warrior yet a guy with a soft heart, is one of his own kind. He’s a man of justice and was accused of betraying his country. So, we guess - he’s dead anyway
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The story begins...​

After the Zombie apocalypse happened in 2021, The world has turned into a war zone for human survival. Meanwhile, Jack (Lead Character) and his partner Jennifer (Female Character) and Richard (Sidekick) go out on a hunt to take down the Alpha Zombie so they can end the after-effects of the Zombie apocalypse to build a new civilization.

The Alpha Zombie is a hybrid who wants to turn all humans into hybrid zombies so that he can grow his own clan and make an army to take over the world!

Players can collect NFT loot from destructive zombie metaverse and are moving to new civilized metaverse where they are building their life back again.
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