Opinion Merchants don't belong in Resident Evil games!

Broken Shotgun

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Jun 15, 2019
This is just my own viewpoints. But anyway, I firmly believe that salesmen shouldn't be included throughout 'survival horror' games. For I feel this is actually one of the main reasons horror games are becoming bogus now, and are therefore not as frightful as they could be.

In the earlier games in the Resident Evil series, okay, yeah. You had to go to a police station, and there was a lot of weapons you could find. A cop shop definitely is an obvious place to go inside, for to look for bullets. Everybody knows that. But the key factor there was that you found these things mostly by yourself, and they were still pretty scarce.

In RE4 and RE8, we have the merchant and Duke. These mysterious vendors sell you truckloads of weapons, ammo, and medical stockpiles. However, where the heck do they get this stuff from, being out in the middle of nowhere? It just makes the games feel like a cheesy Hollywood action saga, which is probably why Capcom had a joke by Saddler when he was addressing Leon, moments before he was eliminated.
I think it’s good to have them in game but not everywhere or across the whole game. Perhaps in places where they are likely to be found rather than in places that they don’t belong in. They can be helpful in progressions especially when low on ammo, items, etc.
I talk to my mum about it sometimes. She doesn't know why a shopkeeper would be so trusting of people who travel in the region.

You can tell it is an action series now, as opposed to being mainly horror.

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