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Media Molecule's Dreams - PS4 Gameplay trailer


Dreams is one interesting game out there. And there are multiple gameplays inside the single game. So it can be pretty interesting based on the launch trailer. So sony seems to be promoting this on the PS . Here's the dreams gameplay that you should check out.



It seems paradise. I like the presence of nature and it looks entertaining in every aspect. It looks simple but probably has it's own level of difficulty. I am hoping that I can play with this game soon. I want to know if this really excites and exceeds my expectation. There are so many games these days that looks awesome but a disappointment.


I love the whole futuristic chilling effect it has. Looks magnificent and amazing. I wish to throughly play it.


For some reason it reminded me some horror game, which I believe was called SOMA?
Not sure how it resembles it though. But I can tell you that the overall setting of the game does look like the futuristic event. And it seems like there is definitely something to the gameplay that is on the line with horror game.

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