Masahiro Sakurai: There's no guarantee I'll keep making games after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Dec 11, 2018
In the latest Famitsu column, Masahiro Sakurai mentioned how the global pandemic has essentially delayed the presentation of a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter with a certain publisher and other negative effects on the game development industry.

Of course, that wasn't all that was discussed by Sakurai during the column. While speaking with Yamamoto of Famitsu, Sakurai mentioned that he currently doesn't have any plans after development on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's DLC has wrapped up.

When asked about whether or not Sakurai plays western games, Sakurai responded. "Of course I do. Overseas have a lot of games with photorealistic graphics, and there's really no way to beat that, so I feel like you have to overcome those games in other areas instead. You have to beat your rivals in some way, so if you don't have something in your game which people cannot find anywhere else, they're not going to buy it."

"That's how I approach game development whenever I start a new project," continued Sakurai. "Though, honestly, there's no guarantee I'll keep making games after this. Right now, all I'm thinking about is the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC development. Once that's done, I actually have absolutely nothing lined up."

Before the global outbreak, it was estimated that the Fighters Pass Vol. 2 would be completed by December 2021. It's currently unconfirmed how these plans will be affected by the current events.

At the moment, Sakurai is unsure if the series will continue after DLC has wrapped up. Notably, Sakurai is adamant about seeing the project through as it began as the final mission given to him by the late Satoru Iwata.

Even if the Super Smash Bros. series should continue, Sakurai believes that the "Everyone is Here" theme will only be able to happen just this one time. He's also alluded to the possibility that there might someday be an entry that he's not involved in.

Of course, Sakurai isn't outright saying that he plans on retiring from game development after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It's just that he merely doesn't have anything planned once development of DLC has wrapped up. Who knows what the future will hold.

A special thanks goes out to Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor for his translations and contributions to this article.

He said that with the last game, but to be honest, I think the man kills himself a little with each game. He either needs to step back, or move onto something else less stressful.

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