Mario Kart Tour real-time multiplayer heads to mobile next week


Mario Kart Tour real-time multiplayer heads to iOS and Android devices from next week, Nintendo has confirmed.

Those who play the mobile racer can expect the functionality from March 9 at 3.00 am GMT.

Players who update their Mario Kart Tour game to the latest version will be able to participate in real-time multiplayer races, where they can race neck-and-neck against friends and other Mario Kart Tour players nearby or online.

With real-time multiplayer, players can participate in Standard Races to compete against other Mario Kart Tour players around the world based on an ever-changing set of rules. These rules will change every day, meaning the excitement never ends in the race against your rivals around the world. Players can also choose to create or join a Lobby Match, where they can play against friends or other players nearby based on their own custom set of rules. Finally, in Gold Races, available only to Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscribers, players can race at even faster speeds that require advanced kart manoeuvres to challenge other competitors.
Mario Kart Tour, a free-to-start game is available on iOS and Android devices.
I hear the controls for this isn't the greatest, I wonder how messy the online gameplay would end up being? Can't wait for youtube videos on it :p
I used to get a good laugh out of the N64 version, when you used a red shell to stop the other players dead in their tracks. One of the levels had ice as a road, and one wrong move, and you ended up frozen. I haven't played any of them since.
There were a ton of reviews about how amazing Mario Kart Tour is in the iOS App Store, so I downloaded it a couple months ago. I gave it a try and played it for a little bit, but the controls were not for me. It was way too difficult to actually drive. I couldn't even stay on the road. It's really cool that they are introducing live multiplayer though. Hopefully this will be a smooth implementation. I feel like there are going to be a lot of bugs though.
This game hit my workplace pretty hard, everyone was challenging each other without the multiplayer feature. I would walk into the break room with people banging on the table just because they got a banana - I did not even know they were planning on releasing the multiplayer feature....there is now a "league" leaderboard in our break room because of the whole thing. The one main bug I've seen is random freezing? Hopefully they smooth that over soon.

The controls were pretty easy for me once I switched it to the on-screen steering wheel, though. I was addicted for about a month before I finally weened off. :p

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