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What do you think about games like Football Manager or Civilization V and how they seem to keep people hooked in? Are they your kind of games? They're certainly my go to games when I want to do something a bit different from the normal. I love taking teams from the bottom of the pile in Football Manager and bringing them up to the bigtime. In Civ V I do really love just going for complete domination over everyone when playing.

I love that there are games that allow me to pretend to do things like this because I can't imagine myself being a football manager/warmonger anytime soon in my real life!

What about you?
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I think such strategy type games are definitely good. I mean people who use those games tend to be more thinkers and also in context of the analytical level it can be pretty good as well.


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Games like Star Craft have massive number of players. What interesting games. Sometimes, try something new like one of those build a roller coaster park games.


I have managed to try out the empire earth series too. It seems like a good game series worth trying out on the strategy basis. If you refer to old series, I'd say there used to be some games like age of empires which were good on the campaign side too.


I know Pokemon isn't exactly a Strategy game but I consider it partial strategy and games like that I fall in love with. Pretty soon I plan on getting a game called Octopath Traveler which is just like pokemon without the pokemon for the Nintendo Switch. So worth it. I love turn based game styles. It's really fun. I got a friend who's into Civilization though.